The statement "Zero lay rustling in the weeds for many centuries" (line 38) most nearly means that the concept of zero:

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Note that it can be inferred that the statement "Zero lay rustling in the weeds for many centuries" (line 38) most nearly means that the concept of zero: was lost and or forgotten.

What is an inference?

An inference is a conclusion reached via data and logic.

Inference questions inquire about what is indicated in the reading text but not expressly stated. These inquiries may be identified because they nearly always include one of three words: infer, imply, or propose.

The inference is defined as "a judgment or opinion made as a result of known facts or evidence." The inference is defined as a logical phase that enables someone to make a conclusion based on data or reasoning. That is, it is a well-informed assumption, analogous to a conclusion or a deduction.

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Which of the following is a function of a semicolon?

Joins two independent clauses
Separates hours and minutes
Follows a formal business greeting
Joins two incomplete sentences
Solution 1


Joins two independent clauses


Solution 2


Joins two independent clauses


I took the test and got it right

It’s takes 5100 Nof force to accelerate a Ford Mustang 3 m/s2 what is the mass of the car
Solution 1

The force is 5100 N which is accelerating a Ford Mustang. The mass of the car is 1700 kg.

What is force?

A force is an influence that can alter an object's motion. A force can modify the velocity of a mass item. Force is calculated in Newton.

In physics, mass is a quantitative measure of inertia, which is a fundamental property of all matter. Mass is measured in kilograms and grams.

The force is given as 5100 N

The acceleration is 3 m/s

The mass is to be calculated

F =  ma

m = F / a

m = 5100 / 3

m = 1700 kg

Therefore, the mass of the car is 1700 kg.

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We are buying a new 60 inch
flat screen tv. It costs $2,395,
and is 20% off. The sales tax is
6%. Find the discount, the sale
price, the sales tax, and the
amount we will pay for the tv.
Solution 1

Answer: your know paying 1,916

you save 479 dollars


Find all the Figuratve languages in this poem. PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!

How many times has this phrase been said
in the past at this historic train station?
“Meet me at the clock.” In excitement and dread,
in joy, sadness, hope, and expectation.
An American icon, that’s clear to see
think of all the stories it’s seen and heard.
The station is a book of New York history,
the greetings, goodbyes, the emotions it’s stirred.
Has anyone waited forever and a day
for a person who hasn’t arrived?
While the clock sings in its own way,
ticking out sad, lonely goodbyes.
Around it, people packed like sardines in a can,
the hustle, the bustle, a spectacle of to and fro.
People proceeding with their own individual plans
with friends to meet and numerous places to go.
Above the great clock is a celestial ceiling,
constellations with a multitude of stars.
People look up and get a warm feeling
and for a moment forget where they are.
Meet me at the clock,
and don’t be late.
It will tick and tock
as we approach our gate.
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One way to think about language is to see that it comes in two main categories: figurative and literal. Literal language is the use of words in the


Solution 2

Answer: personification


A friend says, “The most important thing you can do, to minimize your debt quickly, is to use the Avalanche Method.” Do you agree or disagree? Explain your answer.

Solution 1

The avalanche strategy, in contrast, emphasizes paying the debt with the highest interest rate first. When the loan with the higher interest rate is paid off.

What to minimize debt quickly, use the Avalanche Method?

As long as you follow the plan, the debt avalanche method of debt repayment has the benefit of reducing the amount of interest you pay while working toward debt freedom.

Because less interest accrues, it also reduces the time it takes to pay off debt, assuming regular payments.

Therefore, you apply that money toward the account with the next highest interest rate, and so on, until you have finished, much like the snowball approach.

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Which of the following will occur if copper is bent?
A. it will expand
B. it will harden
C. it will contract
D. it will soften
Solution 1
b. it will harden. i believe
What material is not used for water piping in houses?
B. Copper
C. Black iron pipe
Solution 1

Black iron pipe is not commonly used in house water piping. As a result, option c is the correct answer.

Black iron pipe is mostly used for gas distribution and should not be used to transport potable water. If used for water supply lines, black iron pipe is prone to corrosion and can contaminate the water. As a result, it is neither recommended nor approved for use in residential water piping systems.

As a result, black iron pipes are generally discouraged in modern plumbing codes and standards for residential water piping. Instead, materials such as copper, CPVC, PVC, PEX, or HDPE are commonly used due to their corrosion resistance, suitability for potable water, and compliance with plumbing regulations.

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What microdermabrasion method uses an abrasive tip attached to a vacuum?
a) crystal microdermabrasion
b) particle microdermabrasion
c) non-particle microdermabrasion
d) aluminum oxide crystals microdermabrasion
Solution 1

The abrasive tip of the particle microdermabrasion process is connected to a vacuum.

What is a vacuum?

vacuum: a region of space devoid of matter or with a pressure so low that every atoms present have no impact on any actions taking place there. It is a state that is considerably lower than average atmospheric pressure and is expressed in units of pressure (the pascal). A vacuum can be produced by employing a vacuum pump to remove air from a compartment or by using a fast fluid flow to reduced pressure, as in Bernoulli's principle.

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Use a hot towel to remove a mask from the client's skin working from:
a) ear to ear b) cheek to cheek c) jaw to forehead d) forehead to jaw
Solution 1

The largest organ in the body is the skin. The integumentary system is made up of the skin and its byproducts, including the hair, nails, perspiration, and oil glands.

What is Skin?

Protection is one of the skin's primary roles. It shields the body from environmental dangers like temperature, toxins, and pathogens.

The pigment melanin acts as a chemical pigment defense against ultraviolet light, which can harm skin cells, and the skin includes secretions that have the ability to destroy microorganisms.

The skin's role in controlling body temperature is another crucial one. The blood vessels in the dermis constrict when the skin is exposed to a cold temperature. This enables the warm blood to skip the skin. The skin then adjusts to the surrounding frigid temperature.

Therefore, The largest organ in the body is the skin. The integumentary system is made up of the skin and its byproducts, including the hair, nails, perspiration, and oil glands.

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The skin must be wet before performing a particle microdermabrasion so the skin must be toned after cleansing.
a) True b) False
Solution 1

It is TRUE to state that the skin must be wet before performing particle microdermabrasion so the skin must be toned after cleansing.

What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion treatments remove the thicker, uneven outer layer of your skin by gently sanding it with a minimally abrasive device. This skin rejuvenation procedure is used to address minor scarring, discoloration, UV damage, and stretch marks.

The treatment's effects usually last approximately a month. The duration of the results vary based on your age and how quickly you respond to the treatment, however, most patients plan recurring sessions every 4 weeks.

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