Which of these formulas uses relative cell references? A 5*10 B F18/2 C $A$10/100 D17+$D$1

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B F18/2


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Beginners’ computer science!
Language- Java

Details of assignment-

3) As a coder at a pharmaceutical company,
you've been tasked with writing a program that will determine how long a particular drug may stay on shelves to be sold in
stores. Assume this drug loses 12% of its effectiveness every month (save into a
variable, but you don't have to get this value from the keyboard), and must be
discarded when effectiveness dips below 50%. Write a program that prints how many months the drug can remain on

Please leave a comment if you would like a sample run!
Solution 1


public class Drug {

   public static void main(String[] args) {

       int effectiveness = 100;

       int months = 0;

       while (effectiveness > 50) {

           effectiveness *= 0.88;

           months += 1;


       System.out.println("The drug can remain on shelves for " + months + " months");



please let me know if this is correct! :D

Solution 1


is this you looking for?

import java.util.Scanner;

public class PIN {

   public static void main(String[] args) {

       Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);

       int pin = 1234;

       int userPIN = 0;

       int attempts = 0;

       while (userPIN != pin && attempts < 3) {

           System.out.print("Enter your PIN: ");

           userPIN = input.nextInt();

           if (userPIN != pin) {

               System.out.println("Invalid PIN, try again");




               if (attempts == 3) {

                   System.out.println("Attempt limit exceeded. Account has been locked");

                   } else {

                       System.out.println("Access granted");




Briefly explain how manufacturers have updated the materials used in automobiles.
Discuss some future trends in the automobile industry, such as electric cars and self-driving cars
Solution 1

1989 suzuki swift ran up to 60 miles per gallon

2008 tato nano ran up to 80 miles per gallon using an air compression engine

if the oil is warmed diesel cars can use filtered cooking oil called biodiesel that restaurants have used again and again in restaurants and can no longer use

its is rumored that cuba has converted much of its sugar into ethanol or alcohol to be used in cars that use gasoline when the soviet union stopped providing them with oil / gasoline

its also been guessed that when alcohol was illegal in america, the illegal alcohol (moonshine) sold that was made in homes were also used to fuel the moonshiners cars

average cars nowadays still only do 30+ miles per gallon even if they're hybrid electric cars

materials used in automobiles have to be light like

aluminum , plastic , lightweight steel, glass, rubber and carbon fiber

less weight means less gas used

weight of the lithium battery for hybrid cars still makes many new cars somewhat heavy

elon musk made the largest mass produced electric car called tesla

musk is trying to make a mass produced self driving car

right now its tesla has only auto pilot feature meaning driver has to have his hands on the steering wheel at all times

ford and gm plan to make a self driving in 5 years



What is an SI base unit?
an internationally accepted standard used to measure a physical quantity
a unit formed through mathematical operations of accepted international units of measurement
the smallest unit used to measure a physical quantity
any unit that does not belong to the metric system
Solution 1



Which tool can effectively increase the curl of the subject’s lips?
Solution 1

Blur tool can effectively increase the curl of the subject’s lips in photoshop.

What is blur tool?

You can paint a blur effect using the Blur Tool. By reducing the contrast between the pixels it affects, the Blur Tool's strokes blur the pixels' appearance.

All pertinent options for the Blur filter are displayed in the context-sensitive Options Bar, which is typically at the top of your workspace.

You can change the size and firmness of the brush using the brush option. The softness or featheriness of the brush's edges depends on how hard it is. Stronger in the center and weaker toward the edges, a soft blur brush will change pixels to varying degrees. It will create a stroke that melds well with the adjacent pixels.

Learn more about blur filters



Write a function that takes in a parameter, squares it, and then prints the results. Squaring a number means multiplying it by itself. Then make several calls to that function in your start function to test it out. Does it
work for all arguments?

this is what i have so far but when i check the code it says ‚Äúyou should call your function square with some parameters. call your function at least twice‚ÄĚ what am i doing wrong?
Solution 1


are you looking answer like this?

def square(x):

   return x * x

def start():






Write a loop that inputs words until the user enters DONE. After each input, the program should number each entry and print in this format:

#1: You entered _____
When DONE is entered, the total number of words entered should be printed in this format:

A total of __ words were entered.
Sample Run
Please enter the next word: cat
#1: You entered the word cat
Please enter the next word: iguana
#2: You entered the word iguana
Please enter the next word: zebra
#3: You entered the word zebra
Please enter the next word: dolphin
#4: You entered the word dolphin
Please enter the next word: DONE
A total of 4 words were entered.
Solution 1


def main():

   word = input("Please enter the next word: ")

   count = 0

   while word != "DONE":

       count += 1

       print("#{}: You entered the word {}".format(count, word))

       word = input("Please enter the next word: ")

       print("A total of {} words were entered.".format(count))



A local pizza parlor provides pizzas in the following sizes: Small, Medium, or Large. Customers also have a choice of a maximum of five toppings that can be added. If the user enters a value greater than 5, an appropriate message should be shown alerting the user and allowing them to re-enter the value. A delivery fee of $300 is charged as a flat rate, this is only applied if the pizza size is not large. The user is required to pay a tax of 17.5%. The program must print the sub-total, taxes, the amount of money the customer is required to pay based on the order given, and change to be tendered, and the name of the Cashier . Your program is to execute as many times until the user presses Y to exit. Use Appropriate FUNCTIONS are part of your solution.

Now the cost per pizza is calculated as follows:

pizza_cost = base_price + ( number_of_toppings * cost_per_topping ) + delivery cost + taxes
Solution 1
You have this in wrong section you put it in technologies this is math
which cryptocurrency shares features with a previous cryptocurrency but is technologically enhanced?
Solution 1

Answer: Bitcoin Cash


you want to make the port 2700 exclusively for use by root users only. which command should you run?
Solution 1


sudo ipadm set-prop -p extra_priv_ports+2700 tcp